Titleist Tips: Indoor Golf Training - The Grip


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Walk up and down the practice tee at any tour event and you'll notice something that all the world's best players have in common – they all work diligently on the fundamentals. They rarely hit practice shots without the use of alignment rods to make sure their body is set up properly and that they're aiming to specific targets. Yes, they use advanced technology to look at launch angles and spin rates, but they spend just as much time working on elementary building blocks of the swing like ball position and posture.

You might think learning these basics is like riding a bike, especially for the players who do it for a living. But in truth, swing faults and slumps in performance are often the result of tiny changes in the way we set up, orient our bodies and hold the club. Highly skilled players spend so much time on the fundamentals because they know that bad habits can emerge quickly and almost imperceptibly. And without that solid starting point, peak performance and consistency are impossible.

The winter is great time to reinforce solid fundamentals and one of the best old-school tools you can use is a full-length mirror. As Titleist staff member Justin Parsons shares in Part One of his five-part series, it all starts with the grip. The grip is your only connection to the golf club, so getting this correct is the most important fundamental to concentrate on. Follow Justin's lead and monitor your hold on the club throughout the winter. You'll come out this spring knowing where your club face is and where your shots are going to fly.

For more tips and drills from Justin and other Titleist Staff Members, visit Titleist Instruction: https://bit.ly/2W4QkIR

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