Titleist Tips | Two Paths to Hitting the Golf Ball Farther


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"How do I hit the golf ball farther?" This is the frequently-asked question by players who visit TPI, and as TPI co-founder and Titleist staff member Dr. Greg Rose shares in this video, there are two ways to make the golf ball go farther.

1. Increase the amount of torque you apply to the golf club.

Long hitters like Tony Finau have short swings, but they hit it miles because they're very strong and can apply great force to the grip of the club. They also have great width in their swings. The larger the radius of the swing arc, the more torque you can apply.

2. Increase ramp time - the amount of time that you apply torque to the club.

Players like Bubba Watson increase force by making a larger swing. By lifting his lead heel and raising his hands high, Bubba increases the amount of time he has to build up speed, which also results in more force being transferred to the golf ball.

If you want to hit it farther, give both strategies a try and start using physics to your advantage.

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